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For the romantics

I am always aware that expressions of love can make people around you uncomfortable. Screwed up faces, vomit finger gestures and uncomfortable laughter often accompany a showing of affection. My awareness does not give me a clue as to why. And I wonder. In this day and age we are very quick to (well in fairness, not all of us are quick to…) accept people as we find them how is it not the case with public affection. 

I am not talking about the full on graphically sexual displays in which you may see one person trying to retrieve another’s lunch by means of deep throated kissing. I mean the hugs, touches, occasional heart shapes made with hands. The gentle affection, eye contact, laughter without words preceding it. I am puzzled that this can make people uncomfortable.

I think that people should hold hands more often, they should dance in the kitchen, shower together, laugh, play, sing! Have fun together in every sweet way possible, and share that so that it can warm the hearts of others around them. We should hold love lightly and shine in its glow.

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This weekend just gone my love and I went camping. While camping we came across a well known and gorgeous swimming spot- Greens pool. Greens pool in Denmark is chilly, like ice cold. My wonderful man raced in, came back for me and grabbed my hand and on the count of three we dived in. This may have required some cajoling of me on his part- it was so very cold. But once in we played and laughed and joked, it was the most marvelous day in our time together. When we got back to camp he got cooking and I got writing, a brief poem because I just so loved that moment. Here it is.

Magic Water

The blue and green scene
With sunshine glinting
Draws us nearer, inviting
The icy chill hits
Breath escapes me

You grin and move forward
Further ahead and beckon
Then make up the space between us
The gleam in your eyes should have been my warning
You take my hand and draw me in

On the count of five, no three we’ll do this
Together we will dive and acclimatise in two minutes
The water we hit in unison and rise gasping
Laughing and swimming we did it!
Playing and laughing hugging to warm up

Kissing carefree who care who might see
Share in the joy expressed here
The love streaming through us demands expression
The sun and the waves enhance the mood
The ocean washes over us enjoying our mirth

The giggles, sweet looks and ginormous embraces
The chill unnoticed by us as we play
Revelry does not cease as the time comes to emerge
To dry off and warm up but we will return
We move our dance on now, each moment pulsing with love 


Be free to be a goofball, be free to have fun and express your love for another, you will find it is returned in kind and then some.

“Love is the only sane and satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence.”  ~Erich Fromm