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Ch ch ch ch changes!

Ah the chaos and joy of a big move. When you pick up all of your worldly posessions and shift them, wholus bolus to an entirely new location… despite your plans to do a ruthless cull of the stuff that really serves no purpose except to occupy space. Space that could be used to improve the aesthetic, increase the energetic vibration of your home, allow for a clearer energy flow, to allow space for the inhalation of all things warm and wonderful and the exhalation of all that does not serve you…

So that didn’t happen. As I foreshadowed we ran out of time to do our spacious cleanse and just needed to do our best in the hours we had free outside of work and sleep, to move our worldly belongings. Despite this and the resultant chaos and clutter at the other end, our new abode has a warm loving glow to it. I arrive home after an extended commute and our fur babies seem calm and content, a smile blooms across my face and my heart opens.

One of the very first features that went up was a feature wall of us. This is the first time we will have our own home that is not shared with even the most wonderful of housemates. And prior to now we haven’t had a printed photo up. We realised this when my mum printed a photo she took of us at Christmas and put it on her fridge. Well, before we even moved in we amended this. There is now a brightly coloured, fun and indulgent couple wall that celebrates us. It is pretty cool. The smile the erupts on my face when I walk in the door broadens when I see it. And then when my love arrives home! Well truth be told we are still moving the last pieces and so we often arrive home together, tired and ready for sleep. But just this evening, over a snippet of “whose line is it anyway” the chuckles that rolled and rolled out of him were delicious. This is home. We are home. And it is wonderful.

Home the space you can be yourself
your cave to be at peace in
enclosed in love and life vibrant
the gifts of each breath so clear

Here you know why you move through each day
here is your reason
here is the expression of your hearts desires
here is where your dreams begin

The platform from which you reach into the world
your daily charging station
where your wacky silly or pouty child
are received with understanding

Where your candles bloom with fire scented
and gardens for your tending
the music that you float or bop with
resonating through your senses

Home most blessed and nurturing
of your grandest imaginations
dreams become reality shared with those your closest with
and life is a beautiful adventure

“Home is a place not only of strong affections, but of entire unreserve; it is life’s undress rehearsal, its backroom, its dressing room.”  ~Harriet Beecher Stowe

Open the window

Floating along
breathe in the air
calm and center
go on I dare you 
to calm yourself

Open the window
relax your mind
let everything go
be gentle, be kind
you still have a long way to go

Energy you need
clarity too
if you are going
to impact
the way you want to

Bring back your humour
curiosity and patience
apply them to you first
then all other spaces
and joy will return

See your critics eye
return from it’s slumber
applied with finesse
you no longer blunder
a tighter ship sails

The work you spread
is full of good uses
all who hear of it
are happy for a new tool
and you have achieved your end goal

“The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.”  ~Attributed to both Jim Goodwin and Sydney J. Harris

Smiles from a passerby

Smiles from a passerby
A word or two with friends
The feel of cool clean fresh sheets
A cup of coffee that never ends

The salt fresh air upon an ocean breeze
Perfume wafting from unseen
Dampness on the air at dusk
Sunshine gently warming me

a hug, a touch, a tender kiss
Advances from a lover
The firm and gentle welcome embraces
Connecting me to another

Time spent looking around
Seeing more than earthly stresses
Perfection exists in every corner
Relishing the realization

Every breath of life a gift
Joy in every immersive sigh as life ebbs and flows
Precious detail oft times fleeting
Like morning dew upon a snow-white rose

This is my earliest and favourite piece of writing so far. It began mid-shower as the best ideas tend to do during a particularly introspective period of time. Many thoughts raced through my head- questions about what is perfection, is it a worthwhile pursuit, does it inherently exist, how does it express itself in my life? And so smiles from a passerby was born. My perfection. I do believe that is why I like it so much. It is not perfect, but it is perfect in it’s imperfection, much like me, and I dare say like you.

A man would do nothing if he waited until he could do it so well that no one could find fault.  ~John Henry Newman

Just one more time

This old heart of mine has been kicked around a little bit. Some stories are stranger than fiction and I am considering writing a book… But not today. Today I would like to share some prose induced by pain. I would like to assure you first that I present it from a very happy, secure and safe place but the insights for me in the second piece are gobsmacking. Bear with me.

The morning is unwelcome
I don’t recognize today and am weary
The clouds hang low, menacing
The tear soaked pillow beneath my head is uncomfortable
Too warm under covers I seek out the coolness of the empty sheets beside me and remember
Tears spring forth with force adding their weight to an already sopping landscape
I fall asleep with tears and wake to them
Today and I are not friends, I hope I can recognize tomorrow
If only sleep would return so I can slip quietly from this unfamiliar place
It will not come

white wash silouette

I don’t think I need to explain this one. But it came out of the most extraordinary pain. It was exquisite. I have never felt it’s like before and nor will I again. But I am glad for it. My heart bled these words out quickly and within hours followed it up with these:

Bright eyes shine with a sense of fun
I don’t think you are prepared for what you’ve begun
The girl reserved you thought you knew
Has been diluted since meeting you
Now full strength her essence glows
She’s all a twinkle and full of prose
Her way in life is one of fun
Of spirit, confidence, friends with you being another one
Full of life and love and a depth unfathomable
She may delight in making you uncomfortable
Not to excess but certainly seeking
To challenge your current ways of thinking
She is amazing that’s for sure
This belle of whom you are about to see so much more.

There it is. The very reason we were doomed. I read these words back and I sigh. It is so clear. And I don’t know about you, but this was not the first time this girl had been subdued since meeting someone. There are a few things that will do- the person you have decided to share your time with will not remember why they were drawn to you, and you will feel isolated, gagged and not free to express your spirit and assert your wants and desires. I would love to analyse all the ways and reasons this happens. But the bottom line is we put the other person first, bend to their lifestyle choices, and essentially join them in living their life without rocking the boat instead of sharing our lives.

Literature on co-dependence will tell you to leave this person, find someone you actually connect with and can express yourself freely around. Someone who shares in affection, adventures and seeks you out equally. Once upon a time I didn’t know what this looked like. But trust me, you should listen to the experts. It is worth it. Heartbreak and loneliness within a relationship cease to exist when you share your time with someone who you can shine with.

“Fall seven times and stand up eight”~ Japanese proverb