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You Are Our Greatest Adventure

When we brought you home from the hospital, you were impossibly small and sweet, you slept and slept and you just loved nursing from your mummy and I loved nursing you dear heart. Every moment of you in my arms, me nourishing you from my body, was a moment bursting with the meaning of life- to love, to be of service, to nurture, to be present. Your little fingers interlaced your hands together while you fed, quietly squeaking for the first few months. Your favourite place to be was in our arms.

You made me wait for your first smile but then my gosh but you shone it so freely once you found it. You were charming with everyone who met you and if they had mummy’s seal of approval you were brave and bold and happy to go for a cuddle. You have always been a curious little love and since you were teeny tiny until now at almost 2 years old people exclaim about what a well-behaved child you are. Well my love, curiosity stills you but you are no angel.

You my sweet girl, are cheeky, strong willed, determined, sensitive and kind. You have a temper but it comes and goes like the wind. Like the wind you can be a soft refreshing breeze or a tempest. Rough winds come and go quickly though before you settle into a cuddle, seeking out help to get back to calm, seeking reassurance that we are still firm in our love for you. We will always stand firm in our love for you dear heart.

Your daddy and I cannot wait to show you the world, the natural world with all of its beauty. We can’t wait to show you more of the great expanse of our night sky and help you see how wonderfully precious life on this planet is. We can’t wait to introduce you to the unique sounds and smells of each season and show you all the ways life can fill your cup. We are excited to learn the things that bring you joy in a society driven by the Monday to Friday 9-5.  We want for you to know there’s more than these four walls and we want to fan the flame of adventure in your heart. You and sharing this journey with you is our greatest adventure.

“Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.” ~Khalil Gibran