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My name is Bel and I am a 30-something  bumbler who does most things the hard way first and second time around. I am passionate, funny and impatient. I swing between sharp as a tack and dull headed. I don’t mind making a fool of myself (this makes me formiddable as an opponent in charades) and I don’t mind being wrong (you just have to be able to convince me I am). I work with kids, I love my family, the beach and my garden and I love to write.

I write quite a bit for work but this blog is about developing my writing in a different way, sharing some musings, faux pas and life lessons. Take it or leave it. This will be very much self expression. I try to be fair minded in all things I do but we each have our own unique world view. I say this just in case something has managed to really get under my skin and that pervades a post. We all do the best we can from our own perspectives. I hope you enjoy, please leave a comment and let me know you dropped by and share your own thoughts. 

A very quick note about quality- I will not be perseverating too long over a post to make sure it is perfect. This is a direct challenge to myself to actually get jobs done. All writing, except where referenced (such as the quotes which feature at the bottom of each post), is my own work and all photos are my own. Photos posted here are not edited and so some are not framed perfectly but they had the charm or feeling I was looking to impart. I hope you find this charming rather than lazy.


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