New Year, New… Nah

It is very tempting to go into the new year with high expectations for a year that looks very different to the one before it. Who doesn’t want to save those thousands that seemed to slip through the cracks last year, go for a 5 km run each morning at the crack of dawn (forget that the two times last year that you tried the first level of couch to 5k’s almost killed you and you chucked it in proclaiming loudly that there were no lions to worry about so there is no need to run…), or how about the 10 kilos you’ve been trying to shift for forever- they are definitely coming off this year right?

This year will not be any different than last year. Except that it just might. Believing blindly that you will achieve your new years resolutions puts you at greater risk of failure- because you don’t take steps to maximise your success but are rather more inclined to “tempt fate”. If you have a healthy skepticism about your ability to make healthy changes you are at an advantage. You don’t tempt yourself with that chocolate, you start more realistic incremental steps with exercise and you are likely to be more mindful about all kinds of actions in general. So my cynicism is my friend in this instance.

My plan is less of a plan and more of an approach. My wish for 2015 is to be less of a stress head and more of a thoughtful calm respond-er to all aspects of my life. I have a couple big ticket items this year that cause me to feel motivated in this: 1. I am finishing my thesis which is due in July; 2, I am getting married in August. I have a third reason to practice my thoughtful calm- I want to be one of those zen mums that you see with the most delightful, relaxed and easy going bubs because mum is so delightful, relaxed and easy going. I am going to need some practice.

I am keeping the “how” to achieve this thoughtful calm really simple and very much back to basics. Sleep- 8 hours-ish daily. Eat nutritious food daily. Move my body daily. Non-prescriptive and flexible but goal-oriented, just how I like it. I think my success will rely on my healthy skepticism, motivation, and the flexibility I’ve given myself. I’m going to be super gentle (thoughtful calm) and just do what I can manage. If I can do that, I’m already up on last year, and the year before that, and the year before that.

What’s your plan of attack? Did you do a year in review for yourself and think through what you loved and what you want to leave from last year? Or are you just rolling onto 2015 and taking each day as it comes?  I’d love to hear how you have framed the new year for yourself. However it started, I wish you a happy and healthy 2015!

Many people look forward to the new year for a new start on old habits. ~Author Unknown