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As the days and weeks whiz by at super speed I can’t help but sheepishly avoid your cyber eye contact…

My goal is to move my body daily right? Be healthy, happy and not pressured… so I tried out an intensive fitness regime and managed to throw my back out in spectacular fashion! This faux par set me back for weeks.

I have been gingerly moving myself around and battling headaches, being restless on long car rides and unable to get comfortable for sleeping because I took my modest but healthful goal and OVER DID IT!

I can smile about it this side of several physio appointments, but let me tell you kids, we’ve all been there. Our desire to speed to the finish line overwhelms us, the possibilities sparkle and entice us and we throw ourselves bodily into the mill on the promise of having it all! Which for me was a speedier attainment of an exercise induced zen state with the added benefits of svelte musculature come my wedding day.

Now I don’t need fancy muscles, all I need is to be healthy and happy. I can tell you ladies and gentleman that just like you, all I need is a moderate sustained increase in my heart rate everyday. That could look like a brisk twenty minute walk. I did not have to almost kill myself over doing it to achieve this sense of well-being, in fact doing so has lead me to a very low key sedentary few weeks that I will (hopefully) not rush to repeat.

I consider my refusal to go to the gym today as resistance training. ~Author Unknown